4 Make-Ahead Brunch Recipes

Looking for make-ahead brunch recipes? Save time, stress and sleep with these winning recipes.

Looking for make-ahead brunch recipes? We’ve got you covered! Each of these delicious brunch recipes can be prepped in advance to save you time, stress and sleep the morning of the big get-together. Now that’s what we call a winning recipe.

Ham-Wrapped Egg Bites

Bring a gourmet flair to your meal prep routine with these crispy, ham-wrapped eggs bursting with aromatic herbs and creamy goat cheese.

Egg-in-a-hole bagel sandwich

Egg-in-a-hole sandwiches and bagels: they just make sense together. Grab your favorite breakfast sammie ingredients (we like ham, cheese, avocado and arugula), some bagels and Vital Farms eggs, and treat yourself to a truly perfect breakfast.

jammy egg muffins

You’ve heard of put an egg on it, but what about put an egg IN it!? Let us introduce you to these epic, savory breakfast muffins stuffed with cheddar, scallions and a hidden jammy egg surprise.

savory french toast

A deliciously unexpected savory French toast with flavors of Parmesan, sweet roasted cherry tomatoes, and fresh thyme.

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