Our Eggs

Every single one of our eggs comes from Certified Humane® pasture-raised hens, and that’s just as good as it sounds! It also means our hens each get a minimum of 108sqft of pasture to roam, and they sure do love to roam.

Because the girls keep the pastures fertilized themselves, and regular rotation keeps the pastures healthy and covered in fresh grass, we never need to use any harmful chemicals on any of our farms.

Our girls love the naturally varied diet that they get to forage all year round, and we know that you’ll taste the difference in the eggs that they lay!

Vital Farms eggs are all Certified Humane® • Paleo Approved & Gluten-free 



‘Alfresco’ Eggs

Pasture-raised Eggs


With acres of fresh pasture to roam from morning till night, our girls get to frolic and forage to their heart’s content, dining on a natural feast of grass and goodies every day in addition to the carefully formulated supplemental feed that we provide for them. That makes for eggs that are more delicious, more nutritious, and unquestionably ethical.




Certified humane eggs seal

‘Vital Farms Organic Eggs’

Pasture-raised usda-certified organic Eggs

USDA Organic Eggs Seal

We never use pesticides, herbicides or harmful chemicals on any of our farms (and we work with over 100 family-owned farms now!), so every single one of our hens enjoys a foraged diet that is as natural as possible. But, the happy hens that lay these organic pasture-raised eggs might be the luckiest of all as even the carefully formulated feed that we provide for them is USDA Certified Organic. That makes for eggs that are the most delicious, nutritious and ethical you can find!



ceritified humane and cruelty free eggs seal

Non GMO Project-Verified

Pasture-raised  Eggs

non gmo eggs seal

The girls that lay our Non-GMO eggs are free to roam their open pastures from morning till night, feasting on fresh grass and foraging for whatever nature provides. We do provide them with a Non-GMO Project Verified feed that is anti-biotic free and perfectly formulated for their specific nutritional requirements, but what they find for themselves is what makes pasture-raised eggs noticeably better than all other eggs. Find them at your nearest store, and taste the difference for yourself!


What’s the Difference Between Our Eggs?


With all this space…

It’s no wonder pasture-raised eggs are a

Big Deal!

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PASTURE-RAISED hens enjoy a minimum of 108 square feet per bird to roam free.

They forage grass year round, & are free to come and go when the barn doors are open!

Our Butter

We’ve worked long and hard to bring to market a dairy product that is worthy of the Vital Farms brand. We’re proud of how we treat all the beautiful animals who are working hard to produce the best food for us, whether it be happy hens or contented cows!

What Y’all Say About Us

Texas Chicken Ranch Pasture-raised eggs look and taste the way I remember from my childhood. The only thing that would please me more would be to live close enough to your farm to buy them the day they are laid. When Mama sent me to the store for eggs she would say, “Now don’t come … Read more "Sylvia J."

Sylvia J.

The Family at Vital Farms, I wanted to thank you and your lovely Girls out in the pasture for my wonderful breakfast this morning! All of your work at through Vital Farms is a huge inspiration to me, and affirms my love and compassion for our friends in responsible agribusiness. Thanks again! Todd


Just wanted to say I have been purchasing your eggs for some time now and will never buy any other egg. I enjoy the “vital times” in each carton and most important I am so happy to see how the hens are cared for. Best eggs I’ve ever had.  Keep up the good work!  Please … Read more "Teresa O."

Teresa O.

Oh I bought a half dozen of your eggs from Whole Foods here in New Orleans and could see the difference when I cracked the first egg. Man did they taste good, so good that I went back the next day and purchased a dozen. I am 65 and they reminded me of when I … Read more "Anthony B."

Anthony B.

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