True Blues

On the outside, these blue beauties are striking thanks to their distinct blue shells. Crack them open and find pasture-raised eggs from hens tended on family farms. Want to see a farm where True Blues are laid?

Start Blue, End Sunny Side Up

Crack open the possibilities of true blues. From benedicts to cookies and cakes, these blues can beautify the making of almost any dish. Not only do these eggs look beautiful, but the hens who lay them are raised with respect and care. So, what are you waiting for? Put a little blue in your breakfast!

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Pasture-Raised True Blue Eggs

Meet the girls
of True Blues

These eggs come from girls just as unique as the eggs they lay! Most of our blue eggs come from Azur hens, an heirloom breed of hens with signature white feathers who love the outdoors.

Though they look different than our classic, brown-feathered ladies, these girls are tended with the same love, care, and outdoor access on rotated pastures.