A chicken hanging out in the woods with lots of greenery.


Looking for ethically produced food? You’ve found it. Each of our products is pasture-raised, meaning the hens who produce our eggs and the cows who produce milk for our butter are free to roam in healthy pastures. We bet you can taste the difference.

About Our

Pasture-Raised Eggs

Every Vital Farms egg is Certified Humane®, paleo approved and gluten-free. Each comes from a pasture-raised hen who enjoys a minimum of 108 sq. ft. roaming room in fresh pastures, with the freedom to forage for local grasses, succulents and wildflowers while enjoying fresh air and sunshine.


Hard Boiled Eggs

Vital Farms makes ethical snacking easy with our pasture-raised hard boiled eggs. We boil up ethical eggs, pre-peel them and package pairs with tiny travel-size salt and pepper. Pick up a box for breakfast on the run, lunch at your desk or pre/post-workout protein perfection.


Liquid Whole Eggs

Pasture-raised goodness without the shells! We collect fresh eggs from our pasture-raised hens and crack them for you. You pour with speed and precision, making baked goods, scrambles and omelets with ease.

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