Vital Farms Kids Club

Kids Club

Calling all small but mighty ethical eaters! The Vital Farms Kids Club is a way for little minds and hands to engage in learning more about the food system. We created this club to show some love to our tiniest fans with things like activity guides that spark curiosity, exclusive videos that give a close-up look at our farms, and simple recipes the whole family can help with. All kids are welcome, but our Kids Club is specially crafted for little ones 1–13 years old!

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Kid-Friendly Holiday Cookies

Tie up your aprons and get those step ladders ready! We’re baking festive cookies that even little hands can help with. Ready to get in the kitchen?

What’s your “bird of the month” Name?

Have you ever wondered what your name would be if you were given the spotlight as a Vital Farms hen? Well, we’re giving you a peek (or a peck, if you will!).

A Morning on the farm

Watch our farmers at Echo Valley Farm walk us through a morning on the farm with our feathery friends.

Morning Checklist for littles

Download and print our morning checklist to keep the little ones on track before the school day.

Back to School Bites

These protein-packed egg bites are quick and delicious way to fuel up for big days of learning!

Egg Carton Paper Mache

Don’t toss your Vital Farms egg cartons! Learn how to make a paper mache egg cup with just a few simple ingredients.

Activity Guides

While we can’t bring the pasture-raised life straight to you, we can at least help kids learn where their breakfast comes from! Click below to download and print activity guides made for kids ages 3–9+.