Leadership Team

There’s no place for a pecking order here! Meet the mission-minded crew members who lead by example, helping us bring ethical food to the table.

Joanne Bal

General Counsel, Corporate Secretary & Head of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Joanne believes in the immense potential of businesses to make a positive impact on the world. She shares our commitment to Conscious Capitalism and our passion to improve the lives of people, animals, and the planet through food. Joanne brings 25+ years of legal experience across a broad range of industries to her important work: leading Vital Farms’ legal and ESG strategy.

Portrait of Jason Dale

Jason Dale

Chief Operating Officer

Jason is skilled in negotiation, budgeting, business planning, and operations management, and he brings all these to bear in his work at Vital Farms. From 2014 to 2020, Jason served as our CFO. He helped lead and direct our financial operations, making our operating and strategic plans possible. As COO, he’s the farmer to our flock, providing daily leadership and guidance as we work together to provide sustainable food to more people.

Portrait of Russell Diez-Canseco

Russell Diez-Canseco

President & CEO

Russell believes it is possible to produce ethical food at scale, and year-by-year his efforts help prove it. Under his leadership, we have expanded our product line to include butter and ghee, and we launched Egg Central Station, our shell egg grading and packing facility. Prior to joining Vital Farms, Russell worked with McKinsey & Company, H-E-B Grocery, and the Central Intelligence Agency.

Portrait of Scott Marcus

Scott Marcus

Chief Marketing Officer

Scott literally found greener pastures at Vital Farms after many years in the “big food” world. After managing national and global brands – following a career on Madison Avenue – Scott joined Vital Farms to help give a voice to the Vital Farms brand and to build the commercial business operations. Scott’s role has expanded from building and leading the marketing organization to caring for our marketing, sales and innovation crew.

Portrait of Bo Meissner

Bo Meissner

Chief Financial Officer

As CFO, Bo is responsible for making sure we don’t put all our eggs in one basket. (Sorry, Bo – we couldn’t help it!) Formerly our Executive VP of Finance, today Bo leads our accounting, treasury, financial planning and analysis, information technology, and investor relations functions. He’s no stranger to mission-driven companies, having previously served as CFO at NatureSweet, and he combines extensive finance and strategy experience with a proven passion for ethically sourced food.

Portrait of Matt O'Hayer

Matt O’Hayer

Founder, Executive Chairman and Director

What came first? We say the vision. Matt O’Hayer began Vital Farms in 2007 with just that. He founded our company to prove that it is possible to produce the highest quality food in an environmentally responsible manner from humanely treated animals on a commercial scale. And he didn’t do it alone – his wife Catherine Stewart and 20 Rhode Island Reds were right there with him. Beyond more than 40 years of experience building businesses, Matt is an accomplished chef, an organic gardener and the founder and former president of the Organic Egg Farmers of America.

Peter Pappas

Chief Sales Officer

Peter’s mission is to bring ethically produced food to even more tables. His infectious energy, inclination to servant leadership and 30+ years experience working with consumer brands, grocery retailers and food manufacturers naturally equips him to lead sales for Vital Farms. But it’s his genuine enthusiasm for our mission and commitment to our stakeholders that sold us!