About Our Eggs

How is pasture raised different from free range or cage-free?

What’s a double yolk?

Why aren’t all eggs the same size?

Why do your eggs taste so good?

Why are the eggs brown?

Where are your farms?

Eating Our Eggs

Where can I find your eggs?

Can you deliver eggs?

What’s the difference between your egg types?

Do you wash your eggs?

Feed and Certifications

What do your girls eat?

Is there soy in the their feed?

What is Certified Humane®?

What is Non-GMO Project Verified?


What kind of hens do you have?

What happens to the girls in winter?

How do you keep your girls safe?


How do I become a farmer?


What makes your butter pasture-raised?

What do your cows eat?

What do we mean by “small herds”?

How often are the cows milked, and how is it done?

Which breeds are the cows on these farms?

Is your butter Non-GMO?

How long will Vital Farms butter last in the fridge? In the freezer?