The Faces of ECS

Say hello to Cliff!

In an effort to shine a spotlight on the people who make up Egg Central Station, we’re bringing you some of their stories in a series called The Faces of ECS.

He’s one of our crew members who keeps Egg Central Station clucking. When ECS opened its doors 3 years ago – Cliff was there.

In those days, the crew felt proud if they packed even a few hundred cartons in a day. Today, our crew (including Cliff!) makes it possible to pack thousands, working hard to get eggs to your grocery shelves as soon as possible.

Read below to hear more from Cliff!


You’ve been with ECS from the beginning, what has that been like?

In those days, we were a scrappy bunch. We would be proud to even pack 10 pallets – that was considered success for us! For the first few weeks, we didn’t even have a lunch room yet. We would just eat lunch next to all the eggs! It’s been cool to be with ECS since the beginning and still have crew from those days beside me. We feel like we got to help build this place.


Why Vital Farms?

I like to think I’ve been part of the success of ECS, and I feel proud of that. I get the chance to be an all-star, and Vital Farms has made it so I can.


What’s the best part of the job?

So many things – but I’d say the crew. We get to take care of each other here. There’s nothing they wouldn’t do for me and nothing I wouldn’t do for them.


What would you say keeps you motivated to work so hard?

My kids. I grew up in a not great house and I don’t want the same for them. I come to work to show my kids that’s how it’s done. You wake up every morning and work hard and take care of your family.

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