The Faces of Egg Central Station

Meet Lendsi Armstrong

In an effort to shine a spotlight on the people who make up Egg Central Station, we’re bringing you some of their stories in a series called The Faces of ECS.

Portrait of Lendsi Armstrong with her cleaning gear at Vital Farms Egg Central Station

Say hello to Lendsi Armstrong. A Springfield native, she has been a Vital Farms crewmember since 2018.

Lendsi is a member of our Housekeeping team at Egg Central Station. As a part of Housekeeping, some of her job duties include keeping the plant clean and tidy, managing inventory of kitchen and production supplies and overseeing the ECS breakroom.

But don’t be fooled by that list of job duties, Lendsi does more than just keep things tidy. Her role supports the entire operation of ECS – from greeting the crew with a fresh pot of coffee as they take their breaks, to serving during crew lunches, Lendsi helps create an environment of home for all of ECS.

Below, we chatted with Lendsi to hear a bit more about her role and life during Covid-19.

Q: What gets you through the day while at work?

The purpose of why we are doing this. To get eggs out to all the families we can! To make sure America is fed!

Q: What are you most looking forward to when things get back to normal?

Getting some good coffee when I get off work.

Q: Have you picked up a new hobby/recipe/tv series while not at work?

Playing Final Fantasy video games, staying in closer contact with all my out of state friends, and I have mastered making whipped coffee.

What her fellow crew members have to say about Lendsi:

Lendsi always goes above and beyond in serving our crew so we can get those pallets of eggs out with smiles on our faces!

Thank you, Lendsi, for all you do!

If you’re interested in learning more about ECS, check out this video.

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