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Huevos Mateos

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Huevos Mateos
  1. Sautee kale and set to the side.
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  2. Make hollandaise sauce (fat/acid/protein) by putting butter, lemon and egg yolks into blender. (By using the blender, you don't have to cook the sauce since the blades are doing the cooking for you. Also - it's okay if the sauce breaks in the blender because you can just add hot water and keep mixing away!) Add paprika and salt to taste.
  3. Poach eggs by adding a little vinegar and salt to hot water and swirl in pot. Then drop eggs one at a time, keeping the water swirling (to keep the eggs together). Don't keep the eggs in the hot water too long - the eggs will continue to cook in the bowl after you remove them from heat.
  4. Broil bread in oven.
  5. Embrace the beauty that is smoked salmon.
  6. Assemble. Bread, then kale, then smoked salmon and two poached eggs.
  7. Pour hollandaise over everything.
  8. Break into those yolks, and enjoy!