Get to know Vital Farms’ Farmer Support Team

Meet Jeff Jordan, Senior Farmer Support Manager

Once the girls are placed on their farms, Jeff leads the charge in making sure our pasture ladies have the best start for a long-lasting productive life. He advises the farmers in hen nutrition, health and disease challenges as well as overall barn management.

His role consists of visits to the girls, helping our farmers problem-solve and overseeing our farmer support team. Read below to hear more from Jeff.


What’s your day-to-day look like?

Because we’re working with animals, it’s tough to say I have a typical “day-to-day.” Some days I am out on the pasture with the hens, some days I’m on the phone non-stop with farmers and farmer support managers, other days I’m behind a computer tracking egg production. But that’s part of what I like about it. It’s a lot of problem solving.


Why Vital Farms?

There is a family atmosphere at Vital Farms and that’s what I was missing at my other jobs, that personal connection. I get to work alongside the farmers and support their accomplishments and their struggles – both with work and personally. We get to be a part of the farmers’ lives and fellowship with them and root for them. For example, I’ll visit a farm and they’ll have fresh milk and cinnamon rolls waiting for me.


What’s the best part of the job?

Getting to see our farmers succeed in their personal and business farm goals. I get to help make a farmer’s investment work and see how their pasture ladies bring smiles to their faces -it’s immeasurable. There’s just something magical about visiting a farm and seeing all the girls roaming a pasture and knowing you get to help the hens live their happiest lives.


How do you prefer your Vital Farms eggs?

Over medium!

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