Changing the Game on Every Field

A conversation with our farmer, Lachelle, and Former Pro Soccer Player, Carli Lloyd

Farmers and athletes are more alike than you may realize. They rise early to greet the day, break barriers, and push the limits to grow and excel in their crafts.

We spoke with Lachelle, one of over 300 family farmers in our network, and Former Pro Soccer Player Carli Lloyd (who tends to a backyard flock of her own!) about how they’re raising the standards to change the way the game is played.   

Lachelle: The agriculture industry. The female farmer is growing rapidly. A lot of men are working off the farm, and the ladies are at home taking care of everything, managing it on their own. I feel like the Ag. Industry is being taken by a storm by women right now; there are a lot of us.

Carli: The soccer field. We’re seeing this whole expansion of women’s sports right now—the WNBA, Women’s Soccer and Women’s Tennis…it’s here. It’s happening. And it’s because of the support, investment, broadcasting, and sponsors. All of that has to continue.

Lachelle: We got our first flock in August of 2021. Before we built the farm, we had 20-30 backyard chickens that we raised for personal eggs, so we always had them around.

Carli: We started in April of ‘23 with 9 Rhode Island Reds! It’s been incredible. Not only do you get eggs, but there’s a therapeutic piece to it as well. It’s peaceful to watch them; they’re fascinating animals.

Lachelle: Our dedication. Our lives revolve around what we do. It doesn’t matter if it’s on or off-season—we must work to stay on top of our game.  

Carli: It never stops. It’s around the clock. It’s a constant thought of mind knowing you have the responsibility to train, sleep, eat well, be present and do the best job you can do.  

Lachelle: It’s a ton of work and it never shuts off. At the end of the day, it’s our job to make sure we’re providing food in the way we’ve promised.  

Carli: You have to take accountability yourself. You have to work when no one is watching and when no one is pushing you.

Lachelle: I show up at the table, stay active in agriculture organizations, and don’t shy away from opportunities to put myself in a situation where I show the men in our industry that I’m here, I’m a woman, and I’m competing at the same level.  

Carli: Constantly trying to push yourself, put yourself in an uncomfortable position and get out of your comfort zone. That’s where you learn, grow and become better.  

Lachelle: Make sure you’re prepared for your life to revolve around what you do. There can’t be any second guessing or hesitation. If you’re a farmer you have to do it passionately, so make sure your heart is in it.

Carli: You’ve got to want it and you’ve got to believe in yourself. There are going to be people and coaches along the way who are going to help you create the environment for you, but ultimately you’ve got to be the one who believes in yourself and puts in the work.

Lachelle: Over easy with homemade sourdough!

Carli: I do a mix—usually over easy, scrambled, or an omelette.

See how we’re changing the way the game is played on our field.

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