A Note On Egg Prices

We know there’s been a lot of clucking about the rising cost of eggs recently – we want to take a moment to share what that means for Vital Farms.

Simply put, we have not increased our prices at any point of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Though times are different, our mission remains the same – to bring ethically produced food to the table, while doing right by our stakeholders.

While we control the cost that we sell to retailers, but not the prices on the grocery store shelf, we have no evidence that retailers have increased the prices of our products in their stores.

Unlike most eggs that are primarily produced in factory farm conditions, our products are not bought and sold on wholesale markets. This is because we work directly with around 200 family farms across eight states in the U.S., who share our commitment to ethical food and produce our eggs to the highest animal welfare standards in the industry.

So, despite fluctuations in demand, the cost of our eggs– nor other Vital Farms products – have not increased.

We know so many aspects of life look different now. Our hope is that our pasture-raised eggs, butter, and ghee provide you and your family joy and nourishment during these uncertain times.