Our Girls’ Nightly Routine

"Okay girls, time for bed!"

Have you ever wondered where our girls sleep at night? In the comfort of their barn, of course!

Our farmers round up their girls each evening to tuck them in for a good night’s sleep. As they walk the perimeter of the pastures, they’ll often call out, “Okay, girls, time for bed!”

Our girls are taught from a young age to come indoors before sunset to ensure they stay safe from pesky night predators. And they know the routine—their internal clock brings them back to the barn doors before our farmers even start their rounds.

“These ladies think they need to go in the same door that they come out in the morning. They’re smart! I think they’ve got a compass in their brain,” our farmer Allen shares.

After a long day of roaming in the fresh air and sunshine, our girls need a good night’s sleep to rest and recharge for the day ahead. When morning comes, they’ll lay their eggs and return to the pasture for another beautiful day outdoors.

Watch our farmer, Allen, tuck his girls in after a long day of summertime foraging!

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