Hen Hydration

How we keep our girls hydrated

Roaming the pastures is thirsty work! We make sure our girls are well hydrated for their frolicking and foraging. Read below to learn all about hen hydration!

Hens drink using a ‘sip & tip’ method

Have you ever seen a chicken drink water? She’ll take a tiny sip and then tip her head back to swallow. It may seem she’s hardly drinking anything at all, but those sips add up! A laying hen can drink 1 pint of water per day. If it gets warmer outside, she may drink double that!

We keep our girls hydrated

We make sure the girls always have access to plenty of fresh drinking water. Pictured above, you can see the water line at Lone Pine Farms.

If the farm doesn’t have one of these water lines out on pasture, they have fresh water stations scattered throughout the paddock the girls can drink from. (Pictured below!)

Hens hydrate when they forage

Our girls are lucky – not only do they have access to fresh water out on pasture, with every blade of grass and leafy green they eat, they ingest a little water!

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