An Open Letter From Our CEO

How we’re working with family farms to get you more high-quality eggs 

Russell Diez-Canseco, Vital Farms President & CEO

There are two questions I get almost every day when people find out I work at a company that sells a lot of eggs: 

“Why aren’t there any eggs on the shelves in my grocery store?” 

“Why are eggs so expensive right now?”  

I don’t blame people for asking these questions, and in fact, I think you have a right to know the answers. It’s a fair expectation for any consumer good, and it feels especially relevant for eggs, which are a staple for most families.  

As you know, overall egg supply is down because avian influenza has led to tens of millions of egg-laying hens being killed. That’s a big reason there seems to be fewer eggs on the shelves at many stores. This isn’t the first time we’ve dealt with a surge in avian influenza, but the most recent variant is particularly contagious and harmful to the birds. This drop in supply and the inflation we’ve all experienced over the past year have been key drivers of egg prices.  

The most meaningful way we can impact this situation is by getting more eggs onto the market.  

As we have every year since we started in 2007, we’ve gradually added the best farmers around to our network. Our farmer support team works to help get their operations up and running so that we can get more high-quality eggs out to you. 

While the rest of the industry is shipping fewer eggs this year, we are delivering more eggs than we did a year ago. That is a big deal in this environment, and it’s thanks to the over 300 family farms that produce your eggs.  

There’s no way around it – inflation and egg shortages are tough. While we’ve had some fun on social lately, we know this isn’t a laughing matter. We work hard every day to improve our corner of the food system and raise the standards across the entire industry. We’re grateful for your continued support.