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There is a tiny newspaper in every Vital Farms carton — collect them all!

A carton of Vital Farms Pasture Raised eggs and a couple eggs in front.

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A Vital Times-Line

Vital Times has been part of Vital Farms from our very first carton. See major moments in our little newspaper’s history!

Illustration of the Vital Farms Logo hatching out of a brown egg.


Vital Farms is born!


Three years in, we’ve got our newspaper look down, but photographing girls on the move is a challenge.


It’s official—the Vital Times provides “The Most Egg-Cellent News on the Planet”!


Every newspaper needs a cartoon—and every issue of the Vital Times has one.


Improved photography skills mean profiling our girls is possible. Bird of the Month becomes a regular feature.


We print our last black and white issue.


Vital Times is now full color. Since hens can see color better than humans, it seems a sensible evolution.


We have more to cluck about than ever before. Vital Times is now updated monthly!


We’ve refreshed the design of Vital Times to reflect our new brand look!

Decorative icon of chickens