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Honest Food, Ethically Produced, No Bullsh*t

Bringing Ethical
Food to the Table

Our mission is to bring ethical food to the table. We do everything we can to improve the lives of people, animals, and the planet through food. Whether it’s giving the girls outdoor access, supporting family farmers, enabling you to trace your eggs back to the farm, or setting the record straight in the egg aisle, you can always trust that Vital Farms® is Keeping it Bullsh*t-Free. Our eggs and butter from family farms are delicious, ethical food you don’t have to question.

Raising the Standards has always been part of our DNA. When we see others doing the same, we can’t help but cheer them on. So, here’s to those changing the way the game is played, in every field.

See A Farm Where Your Eggs Were Laid

We believe folks like you should know (and see!) where your food comes from. That’s why we’ve brought you Vital Farms Traceability — an initiative that allows you to trace your Vital Farms carton of eggs back to the actual farm where they were laid!

Find a Farm on the side
Panel of your Egg Carton
(Check Both Sides)

Go to Vitalfarms.com/farm
and type in your farm name

Get a 360° View of the Pasture
Where Your Eggs Were Laid
(turn up the sound!)

Business As A
Force For Good

We operate in a stakeholder model, so becoming a B Corp was a natural extension of the way we do business. B Corps are for-profit companies dedicated to using their business as a force for good — not because anyone told them to, but because they believe good businesses do good.

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