Join Our Crew

Interested in joining the Vital Farms Crew? Here’s what you can expect from our process:


Our team reviews every application personally and will follow up with candidates whose experience and skills match the role. No matter what, every candidate can egg-spect to hear from our team.


The first step in our interview process is to complete a Culture Index Survey, which measures work-related traits like autonomy, social preferences, time management, and attention to detail.

Other pre-employment assessments may be required, depending on the role you apply for.

Assessments and surveys are just one way that Vital Farms thoughtfully vets applicants, and all results are carefully examined by our recruiters.


If your assessment results are in line with the needs of the role, you’ll complete a phone interview with a Vital Farms recruiter.

Qualified candidates will then have a second phone interview with the Hiring Manager.

Our process culminates in an on-site interview with the Hiring Manager and potential peers, generally lasting 2–4 hours. Alternatively, these interviews may be conducted via video.


Those who are selected by the hiring panel will receive an offer to join our Crew!

Vital Farms strives to communicate with all applicants at each stage of the interview process. If ultimately you are not selected for this position, please keep an eye on our jobs page as we’re growing and adding openings often!

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