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How does pastured farming work?

Photo by Jody Horton

While much of the agriculture industry has migrated away from small-scale operations, the Vital Farms model has be successful. Outside of our base in Austin, our farm network is made up of independent, family farmers who are passionate about raising quality food, and who understand that our core farming principles make our eggs special.

Pasture-raised animal products provide a sustainable and healthy alternative to their feedlot and factory-farmed counterparts. As opposed to conventionally raised livestock, pasture-raised animals graze on green grass for the duration of their lives. They live outside with the option to go inside, not the other way around. Once a week, our hens are moved onto fresh patches of fresh native grasses. This also allows the grass to recover. It re-grows, and any malicious microorganisms die out of the soil. Plus, the girls leave behind a generous helping of the best organic fertilizer available!

Our hens are raised organically, form birth. Their diet consists largely of the 100% Certified Organic, fresh pasture grasses that they graze throughout the year. In addition, our hens are offered a nutrient-dense Certified Organic feed mix that includes GMO-free corn, a little GMO-free soy meal, vitamins, and probiotics. Certified Organic means that no pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals are ever introduced to our chickens, their eggs, or our pastures. This ensures no harmful runoff in our streams, rivers, and oceans.

We keep our flocks small, and allow them a vast amount of space. All factory-farmed chickens are allowed just a few square feet to live in for the duration of their lives. Our hens are provided 108 square feet per bird, outside! This is where our girls roam every day and spend all of their time. The hens live such stress-free lives that they are rarely sick and do not need to be treated with pharmaceutical drugs. They are never given hormones or any growth-promoting additives. Their eggs are healthy, wholesome, and natural in every sense of the word.