Farms FAQs

Why don’t you offer the videos on a live stream?

There are a few reasons we don’t offer a live stream of our girls:

  • The majority of our farms are located in extremely rural areas that don’t always have reliable internet access. Many of our families are Amish or Mennonite, which can limit their use of modern technology.
  • Our girls are living big – the pastures they forage and frolic on aren’t small swaths of land. They spend most of their days outside of the barn, doing as they please, all the way to the furthest corners of the pasture. It would be very difficult to capture the full pasture for a live stream. While we could mount cameras on the barns, you’d only see them heading out at sunrise and clucking themselves into bed when the sun sets.
  • We rotate our pastures every few weeks to help the land regenerate and give the girls fresh pastures to explore. Having a webcam in each pasture would mean many of the live streams would be birdless for most months of the year.

Is it possible my eggs came from two different farms?

There’s a small chance your eggs may have come from two farms. While we package our eggs one farm at a time, when we reach the end of one farm’s supply, we may end up with a carton that’s only half full, meaning the other half would be filled with eggs from a different farm.

May I visit the farm that produces my favorite eggs?

While we know our girls would love to meet you, our farms are not open to the public. We don’t share the exact locations of our farms to protect our farmers’ privacy – they are where our farmers live after all! We also don’t allow public guests for biosecurity reasons.

Why does the farm printed on the side of my carton not have a video up yet?

There are a lot of logistics that go into setting up camera gear out in the pastures that won’t disrupt our girls’ lifestyle. When we first bring on a new farm, it can take time to get everything up and running. Know we’ll have your farm’s video up as soon as we can!

Where do the farm names come from?

Farm names are up to the farmer! Some are named after their dogs, others are named after their families – the list goes on. For privacy reasons, some of our farmers provided us with pseudonyms to be used with our traceability initiatives, which is why you may not find all farms elsewhere on the web.