Farms FAQs


Why don’t you offer the videos on a live stream?

Most of our farms are in extremely rural areas that don’t have reliable internet access and some of our families are Mennonite and Amish, so they do not have the same access many of us do. The second reason has to do with how we raise our girls. Since our hens are outside from sun up to sun down on large swaths of land, they are literally out of sight of the barn most times. Our pastures aren’t just a dusty area where the hens hang out all day, they are huge and the girls tend to be all over the place, so most days you wouldn’t even see the hens except for going out and coming back into the barn if we mounted a webcam there. The third reason is that we rotate our pastures every few weeks, so if we had a webcam in a fixed area, that pasture may not even have birds on it for most months of the year due to our pasture rotation.

Is it possible my eggs came from two different farms?

While we pack eggs one farm at a time, sometimes when we reach the end of a farmers eggs there are not enough to fill out a carton. When this occurs we pack in eggs from the next farm in line, so there is a small chance that your eggs might come from more than one of our small family farms.

May I visit the farm that produces my favorite eggs?

We do not share the exact locations of our farms due to privacy reasons for our farmers (that is their home after all) and for biosecurity reasons. Our farms are located in the pasture belt of the South – Texas, Oklahoma, southern Missouri, Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, Tennessee, and southern Kentucky. This way our girls can be outside on the pastures year round!

Why did the farm printed on the side of my carton not have a video up yet?

When we first bring a farm into our family, it takes some time to get up their video. We appreciate your patience and will have up their farm video as soon as we can!