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Never over-boil an egg again!

Boiling water is one of the easiest things to do in the kitchen. Putting an egg into said boiling water just made things a LOT more difficult. How do I get the yolk just right? How long should I cook and on what heat? Does it matter if I’m on a mountain in Colorado at my grandma Rose’s house?

So we’ve made a list of some egg timer apps out there that may be of some use to you next time you’re in the kitchen with a dozen of those Vital Farms pasture-raised eggs and have no idea how long to boil them for (or scramble, poach or fry them for that matter). We’ve given 10 popular egg timer apps our egg-ratings.

1-egg-rating Filibaba Egg Timer by Filibaba AB (free) – When you have to pay a dollar to get rid of a super annoying banner, the app is not worth it!

1-egg-rating Original Egg Timer by Artline Solutions (.99) – This app has one misleading name, it’s actually a timer for games. Definitely don’t boil your eggs for 60 minutes!

1-egg-rating Egg Timer- Boiled Eggs by UGUR CAKMAKCI (free) – If you’re looking for the most simplistic interface ever, I mean EVER, this app is for you. But for the rest of us that would like some customizable options, let’s move on.

2-egg-rating Egg Clock- Kitchen Timer by Raphael Odermatt (.99) – Even though they have an “award winning formula for boiling eggs” there’s nothing special about it to make it worth paying for.

3-egg-rating Egg Timer by Egg Farmers of Canada (free) – The first app that gives you options for cooing different types of eggs – boiled, poached, scrambled and fried. There’s also a list of about 100 recipes that makes this app unique to the rest of the ones on this list. They’re getting a 3-egg-rating because it’s not exactly exciting for the user.

3-egg-rating Gourmet Egg Timer by MARSDEN (.99) – Now we’re getting somewhere. You can create multiple timers to cook eggs at different consistencies at the same time and there’s an interactive interface that makes things a little fun, you can rotate your phone and watch your egg (and the boiling water) move with you. My only complaint – it’s not very visually appealing. Next!

3-egg-rating Farm Pride Egg Timer by Exa Web (free) – This app has got a very cute “farmy” look to it with basic boiling tips and techniques. A decent option for a free app, and three stars because of it’s interface.

4-egg-rating Any Egg Style Timer by Klaas Kremer (.99) – Just like a previous app, this one has a feature to time different styles of egg cooking, and makes it very easy for the user to transition from scrambled to boiled with a swipe of a finger.

Drumroll, please! The winner is…. Well, there are two winners. One will cost ya, and the other won’t. (So, I guess that means the real winner is the free one, but you can make that decision on your own.) UPDATE: The Egg Master app now has a shiny $1 price tag on it.

5-egg-rating The Perfect Egg Timer by Mirko Müller (.99)  – This app prides itself on being the #1 bestseller in multiple countries. It has a clean interface and determines cooking time based on egg size, altitude and temperature. It is so precise, you can actually measure the size of the egg by placing it on the screen and resizing with your fingertips, and it can also tell your altitude through the GPS in your phone. There’s an “egg spy” feature that allows you to actually see what the egg looks like inside while it’s boiling. Can you say, “perfect boiled eggs EVERY time?!”

Best Egg Timer Apps Screenshots Best Egg Timer Apps Screenshots Best Egg Timer Apps Screenshots Best Egg Timer Apps Screenshots

5-egg-rating Egg Master- A sophisticated Egg Timer (.99) – This app has a simple and effective interface that has many of the same features as the one above. What I love about this app is the ability to cook multiple eggs at the same time and personalize the time with the name of the egg-eater. The live mode allows you to see how your egg looks inside during boiling and features the same GPS and resizing feature as the previous. Hooray for free and useful!

Best Egg Timer Apps Screenshots Best Egg Timer Apps Screenshots Best Egg Timer Apps Screenshots Best Egg Timer Apps Screenshots