National Farmers Day

Farmers Are Vital

October 12th marks #NationalFarmersDay, but we think these frontline heroes deserve more than just one day – so we’ll be celebrating all week.

Join us as we highlight the hard work, dedication and grit that is farming and celebrate all the reasons that #FarmersAreVital from October 5th – October 12th.

How to Celebrate With Us

Join us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter each day as we highlight our farmers & stakeholders. We’d love to see you there!

If you’re feeling extra grateful, share on your own social platforms using #FarmersAreVital. Download a photo perfect for Instagram Stories here or our Giphy stickers here. (Also available in the GIPHY library on Instagram!)

What This Holiday Means to Us

Vital Farms has the privilege of working with nearly 200 small family farmers across the pasture belt and we are continually inspired by their tireless and selfless dedication to ethical food production.

These hard-working farmers across America are the foundation of our food system, and we can’t thank them enough for everything they do to nourish us and the world around us! We hope they feel celebrated and valued for the irreplaceable work they do each day.