What is Pasture-Raised Butter?

At Vital Farms, our mission is to raise happy, healthy animals that provide the healthiest products for our consumers. So when we decided to produce butter in addition to our pasture-raised eggs, we knew it had to be pasture raised and grass fed.

There’s already plenty of confusion when it comes to the meaning of certain terms in the farming industry, and what the distinction is between the terms grass fed and pasture raised. At it’s simplest, pasture raised can be thought of a a welfare standard – how the cows are raised, and where they eat  – , whereas grass fed refers solely too what they eat and their diet.


Pasture-Raised Butter

Vital Farms butter is pasture-raised, which means that it is made from milk that comes from contented cows that are free to roam their pastures and graze all day long. Because our cows are raised in the most humane way possible, you can be assured that your butter is coming from a good place.

Pasture-raising does also mean that our cows get to enjoy a more varied diet, as the pastures where they spend their days are lush and green, exactly what a hungry cow likes to dine on, and as close to their natural habitat as possible. We do not keep our animals cooped up in a barn, so they are free to roam to their heart’s content.


All of our cows are encouraged to graze in our pastures, eating as much healthy grass as they would like. Because it’s up to them how much they roam, our farmers do make sure there is always a supply of feed available for when they don’t feel like straying far from the barn, during the colder months for example. This feed is largely comprised of locally grown crops and grasses (which is collectively known as ‘silage’), but may also contain grain at certain times.

Our family farmers work hard to keep our pastures healthy with the most nutritious and delicious grass for our ladies. Providing the highest quality grass for our cows also ensures that the milk used to make our butter is healthy as well, and is free of harmful hormones and antibiotics.

We believe that healthy cows are happy cows, and happy cows produce the best milk for our pasture-raised butter. Try our butter at a local store near you!