Vital Farms’ commitment to our farm workers and staff

Often in our communications with customers, we focus on the quality and uniqueness of our pasture-raised organic eggs. We describe the lifestyle our birds enjoy and the importance of environmental stewardship. This week, we want to focus on another aspect of our sustainable business model: the importance of, and our commitment to, our farm workers and staff. Even […]

Watch: Behind the scenes at Vital Farms’ distribution center

Want to know what happens to our eggs between the farm and your grocery store? Here’s a sneak peak into the washing and packaging of eggs at our South East Austin, TX distribution center.  Enjoy! 1. Eggs arrive directly from the farm in milk crates. 2. Eggs are given an initial rinse. 3. Eggs are […]

What makes Vital Farms eggs special?

Here’s a sad fact: Most of the conventionally, and even organically raised hens in the US never see the light of day, or a single blade of green grass in their entire life. In direct and intentional contrast to these inhumane conditions, Vital Farms chickens are pasture-raised and Certified Humane ™, in addition to USDA certified organic. Our number one goal is to embody responsible animal husbandry and the highest quality food production.

Why Are Vital Farm Eggs Packed in 100% Recycled Plastic?

We’re frequently asked by customers why we chose to pack our eggs in PET plastic versus cardboard. By most appearances, plastic, which is a petroleum product, is not as good a choice for an eco-conscious company. While paper/cardboard is a renewable product, the paper mills that are responsible for their production are some of the […]

Cold Chicken

Robert is our resident farm manager and a real thought leader in the art of pasture-raising hens. From time to time, he’ll be providing farm updates and answering frequent questions we get concerning pasture-raising. With the rough winter we’ve had, many people wonder how the birds handle cold weather. Here’s Robert’s take:

A lot of people ask me if the cold weather is bad for the hens, since they live mostly outside. They actually do quite well in the cold, as long as they have a way to stay dry and sheltered…

Mary in Michigan

“I have just recently found your eggs at Whole Foods in West Bloomfield. I am so grateful I have FINALLY found eggs from humanely raised hens. Thank you, for your concern for the chickens, as well as the environment.”

Michele in Texas

“Mom always makes me do the deviled eggs for Thanksgiving. This year, looking for a non-factory-farm, ethical source, I bought your eggs from Whole Foods in Arlington…”