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The Vital Farms


We began as a single farm. As we grew, we didn’t make our farm bigger – we found more like-minded farmers who put the welfare of their two-legged and four-legged girls first. Today, approximately 200 family farms commit to our exacting standards and the pasture-raised practices that we believe are best for hens, cows and land.

A male farmer helping a boy and a girl put eggs in cartons in a very clean, high tech looking room.

Why We Pasture-Raise

Pasture-raising puts the welfare of our animals at the heart of our business. We require our partner farmers to allot at least 108 square feet per hen, giving our girls plenty of room to roam and giving our land time to rejuvenate naturally, without pesticides or herbicides. We believe foraging is an essential part of our hens’ diets. We believe less outdoor space, like the minimum 2 square feet allotted to a free range hen, is far too little for roaming.

Similarly, pasture-raised cows live in small herds and, weather permitting, freely graze open pastures. We believe pasture-raising is the difference you’ll taste in our fresh eggs, butter and ghee.

A chicken strutting around in a pasture.

The Pasture Belt

Each of our family farms thrives in the pasture belt, those warmer-weather states where the winters are mild and the girls can nosh on native grasses year-round. Because we prefer to raise winter layers, not wear them!

A colored map of the united states that divides the regions by year round chicken farming viability.
  • Snow… Brrr!
  • A little too much rain
  • Not quite enough rain
  • Spicy-hot in the summer
  • The Pasture Belt – Perfect year-round for our picky ladies!
Chicken Illustration

Our Farmers

When it comes to producing food ethically, Vital Farmers are outstanding in their fields and pastures. We’re proud to work with people as committed to animal welfare and ethical eating as we are, and we support them with quarterly get-togethers, monthly farm visits, expert advice and fair pay.

A portrait of Reggie and Missy, farmers from Buskin Acres, standing in a field near their chickens
Meet Reggie & Missy! Buckskin Acres is the pride and joy of these two. Their contagious smiles make it pretty obvious just how much they love their girls on grass. They’ve been raising chickens for just over 3 years now, but have been involved with farming most of their lives.

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