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Why Are Vital Farm Eggs Packed in 100% Recycled Plastic?

We’re frequently asked by customers why we chose to pack our eggs in PET plastic versus cardboard. By most appearances, plastic, which is a petroleum product, is not as good a choice for an eco-conscious company.

While paper/cardboard is a renewable product, the paper mills that are responsible for their production are some of the worst polluters in the world.

Also, we found that the traditional cardboard egg carton did not protect their precious cargo very well, oftentimes leaving a broken or cracked egg. About 2 years ago, we began the search for the perfect vehicle to carry our hens’ eggs to our customers. We found one company in the world that made egg cartons from 100% recycled PET water bottles. Furthermore, the carton itself was 100% recyclable #1 PET. And, to top it off, due to the design which includes a comfortable air pocket on each end of the egg, these plastic egg cartons better protected our eggs.

According to ABC News, there is a vast area of the Pacific Ocean that has accumulated plastic trash on the surface.

Plastic bottles in a landfill

One such plastic garbage tsunami is said to be more than twice the size of the State of Texas. With a sea of plastic water bottles available, we decided that it would be better to support the market for recycled plastic by using 100% recycled water bottles for our packaging than it would be to support the cutting down and processing of more trees in paper mills in order to use the more politically correct cardboard. Maybe if enough demand for recycled PET plastic is created, someone will harvest the Pacific Ocean plastic for profit (attention young entrepreneurs!).

Since the world won’t be running short on plastic anytime soon, we think the 100% recycled containers we use are the most sustainable choice we can make.