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When you are the most expensive egg on the shelf, your product needs to be amazing

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When you are the most expensive egg on the shelf, your product needs to be amazing. The yolks should be a deep gold (which means the hens are eating plenty of grass), the whites should be thick and fluffy (meaning the eggs are really fresh), your egg shells should be strong (meaning the birds get enough calcium in their diets) and your carton label should be easy to understand, authentic and unique. And maybe most importantly, the eggs must taste delicious!

All of the elements combined take A LOT of work to get right. We are very happy to welcome Jackie Sleeper, our new Director of Quality, to the Vital Farms team. As we bring on new pastured farmers and work with new stores, we want to make absolutely sure you are getting the best egg out there, in every way.

Jackie’s experience with ethical poultry production began early; she grew up raising chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys on the rolling green hills of her parents’ small Oregon farm. She attended Oregon State University and earned her Honors B.S. in Animal Science, with a focus on Animal Behavior and Bioethics. As a passionate advocate for farm animal welfare, she spent four years with Humane Farm Animal Care as Director of Certification for the Certified Humane® program. Jackie is excited to bring her expertise in animal welfare and quality systems to Vital Farms, and to support production of the best-tasting, most ethical eggs and chicken anywhere! In her down time, she can be found gardening, hiking, biking and generally enjoying the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.