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Watch: Behind the scenes at Vital Farms’ distribution center

Want to know what happens to our eggs between the farm and your grocery store? Here’s a sneak peak into the washing and packaging of eggs at our South East Austin, TX distribution center.  Enjoy!

1. Eggs arrive directly from the farm in milk crates.

2. Eggs are given an initial rinse.

3. Eggs are placed onto conveyor belt before being candled to check
for cracks and other imperfections the eye cannot see.

4. Eggs are washed/scrubbed single-file in the “car wash” with
brushes, hot water, and a mild, organic cleaning solution.

5. Eggs go through the dryer and final scrubbing.

6. Eggs are weighed and sorted by size.

7. Eggs are packed into cartons by hand, and cartons are placed into
case boxes for shipping.

8. Case boxes are shipped to stores across the U.S.!