Vital Farms Pasture-Raised Butter

Vital Farms pasture-raised butter comes from contented cows that live outdoors as nature intended, free to roam and graze their green pastures to their hearts’ content. And because our ‘girls on grass’ are raised just how you’d expect them to be, walking with the earth beneath their hooves (and not concrete like conventional farms!) you can be assured that this rich, creamy butter is coming from a good place!

Tended to in small herds, on American family farms, our ladies enjoy a perfectly pastoral existence, with a diet consisting primarily of naturally grazed grasses, supplemented by haylage, silage, and locally grown grains at certain times of the year, especially during the colder months when the girls might be happier to stay in the warmth of their barns.

It’s a diet and lifestyle that keeps our ladies healthy, and we believe that healthy cows are happy cows, and that happy cows produce the best milk for our pasture-raised butter.

Vital Farms pasture-raised butter is:

• Slow-churned to bring out the richest flavor.

• 85% butterfat content, higher than any other butter on the shelf!

• Hormone and antibiotic free.

• Made right here in the USA!

Try some of these delicious recipes and see for yourself!