Vital Farms Liquid Egg

Convenient 5-lb cartons
Enabling food service to better meet the growing demand for pasture-raised, quality eggs from:

• Hens that forage year-round on 108sq.ft of pasture, not treated with any fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.
• Certified Humane farms that meet strict animal welfare and environmental standards.

Vital Farms eggs provide:

• Taste, texture and color that people love.
• Nutritional benefits from hens that are free to forage.
• Ethical, humane standards.

30-lb frozen pail
30-lb frozen pail


• Clean ingredient label: Pasteurized whole egg.
• Also available with Citric Acid
• Available in liquid, frozen and dry egg formats in a variety of common specs (whole, whites, yolks and more) and in a range of packaging formats (pails, cartons and bags) to meet your need.

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