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Vital Farming on the San Marcos River, Luling, TX

Boran Family

Todd Boran, his wife Niki and their four children live on 170 acres on the San Marcos River in Luling, TX. Boran started working with Vital Farms two years ago.

The family has lived on this land for seven years, and had been farming commercial watermelons and cucumbers before working with Vital. In Boran’s eclectic farming experience, he’s also worked with cattle and sheep and now grows 26 pomegranate varieties on his property. (He says they grow really well in the Texas heat). The family recently got a milk cow that lives near the river that runs through their land, and Niki and the kids make butter and ice cream when they’re not helping on the farm.

“Before I was farming things that had chemicals and were more dangerous for the kids to be around,” Boran says. “Getting the pastured chickens was really the thing that my kids could finally be involved with. They love them and they are a big help.”

The farm is covered in hulking Live Oak and shady pecan trees. “The trees are what made me like this place so much. For pastured farming, these trees are a godsend,” said Boran. Large trees provide shade in the warmest months, which helps keep the chickens cool and grazing beneath their branches.

In his former life, Boran played semi-pro tennis in his 20s, and now strings his own rackets and teaches his kids in his spare time.

 Todd Boran


hen in San Marcos field

hen in grass


Texas windmill

 (All photos by Haley Price)