Yours due to the way you treat your chickens are the only eggs me and my daughter will eat, after we have seen the brutally disgusting conditions that factory farms treat their poor chickens, we had given up all factory anything, we wont support or enable such animal abuse, I have emailed the large companies that I found that participate in this slum lord practice and let them know that as long as they continue to abuse these beautiful creatures, they wont have us as customers, but of your farm eggs, I have told everyone dear to me about yours 🙂  even perfect strangers in the grocery store that are looking at eggs, to support the farm that is doing things the ‘right’ way, and to send the slum lord factory farming animal abusing greedy pigs to their just dessert, people are waking up  and FINALLY are wanting to know where their eggs, milk, etc are coming from, and its about TIME!  My ex mother in law(even though she tried to drive me insane) loves your eggs and told her fellow broom hildas all about them:)  I do wish you would find a better way though to give your chickens you have decided to raise for meat, a better send off from this life, their last moments in this world should not be spent in fear or pain, when I die, I don’t want to see my death coming, its all I hope for 🙂  you are giving them a lovely life, give them an equally fitting end, no pain and most important no fear,  fondest wishes 🙂  sushi and vitalfarms eggs for the win 🙂

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