Tanii C.

Hello! I wrote to you all a couple of years ago, when I first discovered your amazing eggs and story. I continue to ONLY buy eggs from Vital Farms for all the reasons we all know already. That said, I felt I should “come clean” and confess to becoming a bit of a nuisance at our local Whole Foods market in Glendale, CA. Whenever I’m there to get my next cartons of VG eggs—and if there’s anyone in that section to purchase eggs—I tell those people, very forthrightly, that the eggs from Vital Farms are simply THE BEST EGGS anywhere! And when I go to check out, and the cashier rings up my VF eggs, I tell the cashier and bagger the same thing—that your eggs are not only the tastiest and most nutritious, but that you folks REALLY do take care of your hens. I worry that some places use “double-speak” to make it appear that they care for their hens, but don’t really. BTW, whenever I mention this to the cashiers, they ALWAYS tell me that other shoppers have told them the same thing! Also, on occasion the store is out of your eggs. This is both the good news (for you) and bad news (for me), but overall, it’s a good thing that people are becoming more aware. Glad to see that you now have a farm in California, though north a bit. Next time I’m up that way visiting family, I’ll see about stopping by for a tour to meet the “girls.” Thanks, again, for what you’re doing! May it continue for a long, long time!!

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