Steven H.

Hello Vital Farms people, I stumbled into your eggs while shopping at the main Whole Foods downtown. A Whole Foods employee was unloading eggs off of a cart and I saw a box of your eggs there. What caught my eye is that they are from here as I’m very much into the Go Texan/Go Local philosophy and eat non-GMO and organic as much as possible. I took a closer look at the ones in the freezer display and was elated after reading the description on the label. I’ve been searching for a long time for the perfect egg solution since, as yall already know, it’s such a perfect nutrition source, especially per $. I’d previously reluctantly settled for Featherland eggs, another brand whose name escapes me (the eggs come from Mississippi but are distributed by a Texan company as far as I can tell) and the Central Market/HEB “organic” ones but I’m suspecting now that they are at least partly full of crap because the difference in taste between yall’s eggs and … like every other egg I’ve ever tasted is striking. They really do taste buttery. I thought that was just some marketing crap but yall seem to be the Real Deal. I eat eggs raw frequently and I can even taste the difference then. I eat roughly 6 cartons a week. Please keep up the great work and please please don’t sell out to the Monsanto crew if you know what I mean. I will gladly pay the quite reasonable price for your excellent product.

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