Leanne B.

I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks …. I have recently chosen to become a vegetarian..as a Texan that is a difficult task.. In the land of BBQ cook offs and tailgating there is a lot of “why”??.. My choice was personal..health reasons but that went hand In Hand with the inhumanity and cruelty in the animal processing industry. I am so glad that I have the choice of being an Ovo-vegetarian thanks to the kindness from your company in raising your “happy hens”. I just really appreciate the option that you have given me, and that y’all appreciate the lives of these birds. Wow that really sounds like a tree hugger!!. I now have a choice at my local Kroger instead of buying Yard eggs at the feed store where quantities are really limited. Thanks again. You really are doing a GOOD thing and you can taste it… 🙂 Ps. Love the newsletter in Each container!!

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