Kate H.

I live in Madison, Wisconsin. Several years ago, I began buying eggs from a coworker who raised pastured hens. As a Los Angeles native who had never tasted anything other than mass-produced, factory-farmed food, it was a revelation. The yolks were orange, the texture was both lighter and heftier, and the eggs were just a pleasure to both cook with and eat. Sadly, I left the company and it was just too hard to get eggs that way again. I’ve LONGED for those eggs…I cook a LOT, and as a vegan I avoid animal products to the fullest extent possible, and would be avoiding eggs, too….Until I met YOU. Thank you. From the depths of my skillet and my gullet, thank you. Your eggs are the best I’ve had since my beloved coworker’s farm eggs. They’re insanely good. I deviate from my plant-based menus ONLY for your eggs.