Emily C.

Just wanted to let you guys know how thrilled I am that you are now available at PCC natural markets here in the Northwest through your pasture verde label. I am a very infrequent purchaser of eggs because I know the cage free label is not what it seems. I only purchase at local farmers markets but they sell out quickly and the quality can vary dramatically. I’ve seen some very pale sickly looking eggs and after paying top dollar for them I was not happy. Humane treatment of animals is the most important issue for me but I also want a healthy delicious egg. You guys are amazing and have addressed every issue I care about. It may seem silly but I could almost cry with relief knowing that my food is coming from such a great place. I love your rescue work and really appreciate your concern of male baby chicks. These are tough issues and the fact that you guys are willing to tackle them and do your best makes me feel good about buying your eggs. Thanks so much for all you are doing.

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