David H.

When young I had an aunt and uncle with a small farm and chicken ranch. I had their eggs for lunch daily. After losing them I’ve only had what I term “good eggs” from a neighbor that shared eggs from her extremely well cared for chickens. Then one day I noticed Vital Farms at Whole Foods and thought I’d give them a try, as I have with other good-sounding eggs. Well, Vital Farms turned out to be the Real Deal. I have been going through 2 dozen a week ever since then. More when I bake. You can watch the egg come out of the shell and see for yourself the beautiful rich yolk, and whites that don’t try to run right out of the skillet. You can always tell when it’s winter egg time but the difference is quite small and still better than any other eggs I’ve tried that teased me with false advertising. I have actually told people at the egg display at WF that hey, you want good, healthful eggs, try Vital Farms once. That’s all it takes. If you won’t spend the money for good quality food you really need to rethink your priorities. I am a very healthy (no meds) 70-year-old that has been eating the best quality food available all my life. That quest for quality food is getting easier and people should be more concerned with what they are eating rather than what they are driving or what kind of cell phone they use. So thanks, folks, and keep the ladies happy.