Ethical Eggs and Chicken, coming to a restaurant near you! Vital Profile: Megan Griffith, Director of Food Service Sales

Megan Griffith, Vital Farms’ Director of Food Service Sales, knows her way around a restaurant. She’s also truly gifted at helping chefs to understand the serious taste, quality and environmental benefits of our ethical eggs and chicken. We sat down with Meg to talk pastured Chicken al Carbon, and how she’s helping put better food on […]

Locally sourced, globally inspired: Snack Bar on South Congress makes us a treat with Vital Farms eggs

Above: Tamago Yoko: cabbage, leek and shrimp hash-cake, with Applewood smoked bacon, two Vital Farms eggs on top, wasabi aioli, sriracha, bonito and nori. Though Snack Bar’s been open for a few years, the chef and the menu have changed quite a few times. (Basically, the restaurant you visited a few years ago isn’t the […]