Technical problems with our website contact form- please resend your unanswered questions!

Hi Vital Farms Fans- We’ve had an ongoing technical problem that has affected our receipt of your questions submitted via our online contact form. (See below). If you’ve submitted a question via this form between the very end of November and last week, and have not received an answer, please let us know, re-ask your […]

Guestblog by Ryan Savard, CrossFit Dallas: Quick Guide to the Paleo Diet

Although Vital Farms does not endorse any one diet or lifestyle (many in our company are lifelong vegetarians), there has been quite a bit of support for our pasture-raised eggs from the CrossFit and Paleo Diet community. One of our new foodservice clients, CrossFit, in Dallas, Texas are very enthusiastic about what we do and […]

What I learned at TEDxManhattan: Changing the Way We Eat

I attended the TEDxManhattan conference on Changing the Way We Eat a little over a week ago, and below are the most interesting things I learned. (I also tweeted non-stop from the event, so there are lots of quotes there too). All the speakers were fantastic and passionate, and the 15 minute time limit on […]

Have you ever eaten a blue egg?

In Austin, Texas, Vital Farms sells pasture-raised, organic eggs from Araucana hens (a heritage breed) that lay blue-shelled, extra-rich tasting eggs. We call them Austin Blues and we just received a flock of these adorable baby chicks last Friday. Right now they are so small, you can fit three in your hands! They are happy […]

To be or not to be: the politics of organic certification

Becoming a Certified Organic producer and supplier is a complicated process. As a general consumer, many of us are not aware of the implications and responsibilities behind an organic certification. Recently, there have been many debates about whether or not the certification is worth the cost and effort. Small family farms can have a tough […]

Vital Recipe: Cardamom Challah French Toast

Here’s a fun and flavorful twist on the traditional French Toast recipe! Cardamom, a dynamic spice plant native to Nepal and India, imparts an intense, sweet, and aromatic flavor to these toasts, that when combined with the richness of Challah bread, yields an out-of-this-world breakfast dish that will wow even your toughest culinary critic! Made […]

Kimchi & Chicken Fried Rice with a Fried Egg

Our CEO, Matt O’Hayer, was lucky enough to be interviewed by Elizabeth Winslow of Haymakers recently. (read the full interview here). Here is her totally delicious and seasonal recipe inspired by Vital Farms’ pasture-raised chicken and pastured, organic eggs. Happy weekend!   Inspired by Matt’s love of Asian flavors, we created this deeply satisfying kimchi […]

Who said you can’t eat salad for breakfast?

Our friend Pooja’s latest healthy recipe offering (using Vital Farms eggs of course) shows you how to eat seasonal greens and fruit for breakfast. Bon appetit! Bitter Greens & Citrus Breakfast Salad w/Poached Vital Farms Eggs This recipe is a fresh and healthy take on the traditional breakfast, just in time for the New Year […]

Vital Farms & When You Wish Fundraiser a Success!

Dear Vital Farms Donors and Supporters, Thank you so much for your support of our first Vital Farms crowdfunding campaign. We raised nearly $27,000 that will be used to fulfill your rewards and to help a farmer begin to raise his hens outdoors. Though we did not meet our original financial goal, we are currently seeking a smaller farm […]

Coconut Spiced Pumpkin Bread recipe by Pooja Mottl

Coconut Spiced Pumpkin Bread Recipe and Photo by Pooja Mottl Here is a crowd pleaser that’s both healthier and tastier than most traditionally prepared holiday treats which tend to be loaded with refined sugars and creams. This unique pumpkin loaf is made from homemade pumpkin puree, unrefined coconut palm sugar, and freshly ground nutmeg and […]