BSF Eggs!



Because we tell it like it is, every word on our cartons is packed with meaning.

Click on any of the phrases on our carton to read what each one means to us.

Happy Hens Fresh Air and Sunshine Green Grass Pasture Raised Under Open Skies Ethical Eggs Freedom To Forage Certified Humane Family Farms Pasture Raised

Lucky Ladies Non-GMO Pasture Raised Under Open Skies Non-GMO Verified Pasture Raised Tended By Family

Girls On Grass Pasture Raised Organic Free To Forage Pasture Raised Tended By Hand Organic Eggs


What’s the Pasture-raised difference?

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PASTURE-RAISED hens enjoy a minimum of 108 square feet per bird to roam free.

They forage grass year round, & are free to come and go when the barn doors are open!