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Reduce, reuse, and then recycle: Vital Farms partners with In.gredients, the first zero-waste grocery store in the country


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Reduce, reuse, and then recycle.

The mantra at In.gredients is simple, but it is a practical strategy toward eliminating the hundreds of thousands of pounds of packaging waste that are pitched into American landfills every day.

“We don’t think that all food packaging is evil, but we do think that much of it is unnecessary,” Co-founder Brian Nunnery said when we sat down with him in the store’s front yard. “We saw the opportunity to do something about it in our neighborhood, so we are trying to eliminate waste in every way possible.”

In.gredients cuts waste in their Austin store by making most of their products available in bulk. This allows the customer to purchase as little or as much as they need to take home in a clean, reusable container. Their idea has gained media attention across the nation for good reason. In.gredients is the first package free grocer in the United States.

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Before their August opening, In.gredients reached out to local providers of exemplary food products. Freshness and quality were key concerns for the micro grocery store, as they operate from a relatively small space, and can only fill it with so many items. Each of the products they carry were researched and selected by owners and employees and are offered at competitive prices.  This creates a relaxed and straightforward shopping environment for people in the neighborhood.

“Its simple and easy to use.” Nunnery said, “Offering one great option is better than loads of options to wade through.”

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Vital Farms is proud to partner with In.gredients and their sustainable cause. We are also honored to have our pasture-raised eggs available in bulk on their shelves.

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In.gredients currently offers about 600 products in their store that is less than 1000 square feet.  They are located at 2610 Manor Road in Austin, stop by and check out the neighborhood micro grocer in action!

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