Egg and Crab Breakfast Tacos

If you’re lucky enough to live on the coast where fresh seafood is available at your fancy or your local supermarket is having a sweet deal on fresh crab, this recipe should be in your future!

Blissfully Boiled Eggs

Boiling eggs may sound like the simplest thing you could possibly cook, but if you’ve ever boiled an egg you’ve probably run into problems at one time or another. The challenges with boiling an egg generally fall into two categories: cooking the egg, and peeling the egg. Despite following a set of directions precisely you […]

Fantastic French Toast

Not a lot of things better than breakfast disguising itself as dessert. If you’ve ever had french toast, you understand its sweet delight but the secret in this recipe is in the flour. Most people will dredge the toast in the simple egg mixture but by adding flour, you’re getting a thicker consistency. And even […]

Roasted Sweet Potato Hash Jar

Try this delicious Roasted Sweet Potato Hash Jar for a quick breakfast on the go! Recipe and image via MindBodyGreen‘s “3 Easy Egg Breakfasts to Make Ahead for Busy Mornings“