Pasture-Raising in Pictures

SUNSHINE As long as the sun is out, our girls love roaming their pastures looking for their favorite snacks, breathing in the fresh air.

SHADE Many of our farms have plenty of natural tree cover - our girls love the shade and sense of security that provides

ROTATION While our girls each get 108sqft of pasture in total, for the wellbeing of the land it’s important that we rotate the pastures, sectioning off between a quarter and a sixth at any one time. As soon as the grass starts to wear thin, we move the girls onto a nice fresh patch!

WATER Roaming is thirsty work, so we make sure that there's always fresh water for the girls to drink. And the water fountain is always a good place to catch up on the latest gossip!

CHANGING VEGETATION Over the course of a year, the girls get to enjoy an ever-changing salad buffet. From spring’s lush grasses to winter’s hardier vegetation, there’s always something fresh to dine on.

SEASONS All our farms are in southerly states that stay snow-free for the most part, so our girls get to be outdoors all year round - even when there's a brisk breeze blowing!

ADVENTUROUS Our girls come from a long line of jungle-dwelling fowl, so they just love to root around in the undergrowth. After all, that's often where the choicest bugs can be found!

VARIETY We take as much care of our pastures as we do of the girls, planting different grasses and succulents over the course of the year. That way there’s always some greens on their plates! 

SPRING FLOWERS When the meadows are in flower, our girls sit pretty in a field of sunshine 🙂

SECURITY At night, our girls are tucked up safely and securely in comfortable barns, but as soon as they've had their breakfast, we open the barn doors and they're free to go outside whenever they like.

JUNGLE FOWL Our girls are curious and adventurous - just like the Asian Jungle Fowl they're descended from.

FREEDOM to CHOOSE We train our girls from a young age to lay in their nest boxes, so they’ll come and go throughout the day as they need to, but they can be outside as much as they like.

FRESH GRASS Heads down, tails up, in a field full of flowers. This is what happy hens look like!

SOCIALIZING Our girls are a social bunch. They just love to gather round their favorite dust-bathing spot to catch up on the latest barn gossip!

PEACE AND HAPPINESS Every girl needs a little alone time, somewhere cool, shaded and just a little bit dusty. Luckily, with 108sqft each, our girls always have plenty of space to get away from it all!

NATURE’S BUFFET Our girls are natural omnivores, and just love to root around in their plenteous pastures for whatever goodies they can find!

SHADE and SPACE Trees provide both shade from the midday sun and protection from the prying eyes of any predators, keeping the girls both cool and relaxed.

NO CHEMICALS Our pastures are never treated with herbicides or pesticides, so our girls get to enjoy a natural diet free of unnatural additives!

HEALTHY The benefits of a varied diet, fresh air and plenty of sunshine are clear to see in all our girls, and in the delicious, nutritious eggs that they lay!

DUST BATHING Our girls love to stay clean and parasite free, so it’s important that we leave some areas around the barn for them to dust-bathe. A flurry of feathers, a cloud of dust and they’re clean and comfortable again!