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Pasture-raised: Certified Humane’s gold standard

You can’t change the world overnight – but some brave individuals are leading the fight!

Adele Douglass was sick of the inhumane treatment of farm animals in the food industry and decided to make a change, which led to the creation of HFAC – Humane Farm Animal Care and their Certified Humane program.

This program uses science based facts – studies of what the real needs of animals are – to grant certification for farms and ranches that have the highest standards of animal welfare. The farmers and ranchers who meet these standards can then place the Certified Humane seal on their products to show customers that their animals are happy and healthy, which is good for the environment, good for the farmer and good for the consumer.

“There’s real verification here. It’s not just someone reading a survey and taking a three day course in auditing. The people we have doing inspections are unbelievably qualified. They have masters and PhDs in the relevant scientific disciplines,” Adele explains with great passion.

Not only are Certified Humane’s inspectors extremely experienced, but the standards that they follow are also developed and reviewed by a scientific committee: 38 internationally renowned animal scientists and veterinarians whose body of work has been studying animal welfare.

With the majority of eggs sold in the U.S. coming from caged birds, we’re happy that a legitimate certification program is in place to ensure that the “pasture-raised” name doesn’t get tarnished. There are very high standards set in place for a pasture-raised egg to get the Certified Humane seal, among the many qualifications: the birds must have a minimum of 108 sq ft each of rotated pasture to forage on, and we’re happy to provide them with that at the very least, and often give them even more!

“Managing birds on pasture is very complex, and so are our standards. And you guys are the only ones that actually meet it,” says Adele.

Which is something that we are understandably proud of!