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Whichever Vital Farms pasture-raised eggs you buy, you can be certain that every single egg is raised to the same high standards. That means:
• plenty of space for the hens outdoors (and comfortable nest boxes and indoor space in their barns)
• small flock sizes (typically between 3000 and 5000)
• high quality supplemental feed, sourced according to the designation on the carton (i.e. USDA Organic, Non-GMO or conventional)
• a balanced diet that ensures the hens stay healthy while giving them year round access to nature’s own buffet of grass and goodies
• readily accessible sources of clean and fresh water, both in the barns and out on the pastures
• plenty of shade – both from the sun and any potential predators
• pastures that are never treated with herbicides or pesticides
• family farmers paid a fair price for their hard-work and loving care