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Holiday recipe winner: Loaded Egg Frittata!


4 eggs ( I use Vital Farms or local farm fresh pastured eggs )

2 kale leaves torn and chopped to bite size pieces (or use spinach or your favorite green)

3-4 baby bella or crimini mushrooms sliced (optional, but I would add these for nutrients!)

6-8 grape tomatoes sliced (any tomatoes will work diced small)

1/4 leak finely chopped (or use some diced onions)

1/2 teaspoon olive oil or oil of your choice

Salt and pepper to taste

As always substitute your favorite vegetables of choice or what you have on hand! I had these ingredients in my fridge. I also add bell peppers, fresh herbs or even cooked potatoes to my frittata!

Health tip!!- Add a teaspoon or two of ground flax seeds to maximize nutrient density!

Flavor tip- Add a table spoon of your favorite fresh herb- I use fresh oregano or lemon thyme or parsley or cilantro- anything that is growing on my patio smile emoticon

Whisk the eggs, add all the chopped vegetables, salt and pepper and mix well. To a heated pan add the oil and egg vegetable mixture. Cook until eggs are 90% done (I covered the pan for part of the time) and make quarter slices in the pan with a spatula. Flip all the slices over and cook for a couple more minutes. Serve hot or even at room temperature. In Spain they served the Spanish tortilla (eggs with potatoes and onions) at room temperature or even cold at times!

This make a great dish for breakfast, brunch or even a quick snack. Works great for lunch or dinner too.. just add a side salad!


Egg Frittata Recipe
Loaded Egg Frittata