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Ethical Eggs and Chicken, coming to a restaurant near you! Vital Profile: Megan Griffith, Director of Food Service Sales


Megan Griffith, Vital Farms’ Director of Food Service Sales, knows her way around a restaurant. She’s also truly gifted at helping chefs to understand the serious taste, quality and environmental benefits of our ethical eggs and chicken. We sat down with Meg to talk pastured Chicken al Carbon, and how she’s helping put better food on the table at 200+ restaurants in Austin, Dallas and San Antonio.

Vital Farms: What is your sales background and what drew you to Vital Farms?

Megan Griffith: Sales has always been fun for me because you get to listen to people’s needs and help solve them.  I wanted to work with Vital Farms not only because I loved the idea of finding better ways to get quality food to the masses, but because I knew I’d be working with a super-smart, passionate, dedicated crew that would make the very hard work of building a business worth it.  And the chefs and business owners I’ve met have kept things really interesting too.  One chef recently requested that we send eggs intact in the oviduct – you know who you are : )

VF: What was the Austin food scene like when you first started selling, 2.5 years ago? What is it like now?

MG: Back then, the Austin food scene and I were a lot alike.  We knew we wanted to cook healthier, but were we really ready to give up part of the budget to pay for it?  After a lot of education, a lot of taste tests, seeing the neighbors do it, and a budget re-do, spending more on quality food made sense.  Now new restaurants call us as much as we call them.  And I spend significantly more on greens.

VF: What were/are the biggest hurdles to helping a chef understand what we’re doing and why it’s worth buying? MG: Some restaurants assume they won’t get the return on their investment.  I can prove otherwise because of two things : 1) Vital Farms has the most expensive egg on the shelf in virtually any grocery store nationwide, and we break sales records every week.  People are seeking better ingredients and don’t mind paying for them.  And 2) customers won’t tell a restaurant when they want you to offer better ingredients, they’ll just go to the places that already serve them!  Its worth it to invest.

VF: Where and what do you love to eat in Austin?

MG: Every Sunday, my boyfriend and I get Fresas‘ charcoal grilled whole chicken meal (extra green sauce!) and take it home for dinner during Breaking Bad.  Best night ever!  Benji’s flour tortillas blow me away, Mulberry’s brunch (add sake), and Koriente after workouts.  Torchy’s fried avocado taco, unfried…

VF: Where does the future of Vital Farms lead?

MG: A leaner, cleaner USA.  And happy, healthy chickens nationwide!

Here are some signature dishes featuring Vital Farms’ ethical eggs and chicken from restaurants around Austin. 

tamago yoko
Snack Bar Tamago Yoko


Photo from Caplan Miller
Photo from Caplan Miller


East Side King Ramen Photo: Thrillest
East Side King Ramen
Photo: Thrillest


Torchy's Wrangler Breakfast Taco Photo: Food Republic
Torchy’s Wrangler Breakfast Taco
Photo: Food Republic


Winflo Egg Pizza Photo: Dan Gentile, Thrillist
Winflo Egg Pizza
Photo: Dan Gentile, Thrillist