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Earn discounts and rewards with Shrink App

We know how much you love Vital Farms, and we really appreciate your support! Now, with the Shrink app, we can show you just how much!

The Shrink app doesn’t only keep track of your Vital Farms purchase, you can also tell it to follow  your social media engagement (your tweets, posts and ‘grams) so you can earn swag and discounts by buying our eggs and by telling everyone else just how good they are!

You already buy our eggs, so why don’t you go ahead and enjoy some additional benefits, such as dollar off coupons, 50% off dozens and Vital t-shirts.

To start using Shrink:

  1. Go to the app store and download Shrink.IMG_8610
  2. Every time you purchase Vital Farms eggs, upload a picture of the receipt and start saving pointsIMG_8611
  3. Earn freebies when you reach a certain amount of points from purchases.IMG_8612
  4. Spread the word about Shrink and Vital Farms. When they use Shrink to catalog their Vital purchases – you’ll earn rewards!IMG_8613